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    Enfance Baby Presentkit 3-8år 

    Ett gulligt presentkit från Enfance med babyshampoo och en fin tvål.

    Presentkitet innehåller en tvål insvept i vackert papper, 100gr och ett baby schampo 100ml.

    SOAP: Enfance Paris offers an ultra rich organic soap, perfect for the daily use of the 3 to 8 years old. Made with organic Shea butter and protective Coconut oils to significantly moisturise the skin of the face and the body.  Organic Rosemary essential oil with antiseptic properties protects the epidermis and brings a soft and pleasant aromatic note. The soap is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. Under parental supervision, 3 year olds can use the soap and practice alone how to properly clean their bodies. As parents we reluctantly give the soap bottle to a child, whom, through play, can just empty it in the bath. The organic soap bar can give a child a sense of responsibility and hygiene without waste. 

    The soap is fitted on lovely ribbon in order to identify and facilitate its handling and drying.

    SHAMPOO: An innovative formula with a composition reduced to the bare essentials to thoroughly wash the hair of children according to their age group: an extra gentle cleansing base, free of any texturising agents or silicone, with effective and aromatic organic active ingredients. Designed specifically for the 3 to 8 age group.  An effective complement to lice removing treatments.  Its extra gentle cleansing base and its organic natural ingredients of Officinal Lavender and Tea Tree purify the scalp while leaving the hair soft and shiny.