Hero Bottle 140ml


Herobility Hero Bottle 140ml

Hero Bottle - a brand new innovative baby bottle with several smart features. Hero Bottle features smart portion containers, a new patent pending anti-colic system, a unique shaker function and mixer that breaks up clumps of gruel.

A portion of sales goes to Childhood: Herobility has always hero mask on and ensure that children around the world get a better chance in life.


1 week

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    Size: L:74,84 W:74,84 H:152mm

    Smart Lid Dust protection & shaker lid for easy mixing. No more lumps in the teat.
    Breast-Like Shape Natural latch for an easy transition between nursing and bottle.
    Double Anti Colic System (Patent pending) Closes the corner of the baby’s mouth. Reduces colic, gas and spill.
    Mixer Net Easy mixing. Prevents powder lumps. 
    Extra Wide Opening Easy to fill. Easy to clean.
    Attachable Storage Compartment Attachable compartment for formula or snacks 100 ml / 3.5 floz. 
    Drain Lines Dirty water drains off in the dishwasher. 

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