Carolina Gynning

Carolina Gynning is one of Sweden's hottest moms right now - and she likes very much!
We are of course very happy and proud!

Carolina Gynning recently shopped several nice things on All children's room favorites can be found below! Adele 4 months, among other things received a new changing table and Alicia two years loves his new Bambi.

495 SEK
Badcape Elodie Details
Petit Royal Pink
299 SEK
Bedouin stories 2-pack
349 SEK
Colors of the wind 2-pack
349 SEK
Feather LOVE 2-pac
349 SEK
Graphic Devotion 2-pack
349 SEK
Bed set doll bed Frank&Poppy
Spots Powder Pink
189 SEK
Bib Elodie Details
Bedouin Stories
149 SEK
Canopy Numero 74
989 SEK
Cushion Frank&Poppy
Mr Cat
289 SEK
Cushion Frank&Poppy
Mrs Cat
289 SEK
Cushion Star
Pastel colours
159 SEK
Doll Basket Numero 74
incl Bed linen
529 SEK
LIGHTBOX A Little Lovely Company
A4: Mint
399 SEK
LIGHTBOX A Little Lovely Company
A4: Sweet Pink
399 SEK
LIGHTBOX A4 A Little Lovely Company
379 SEK
POSTER 30x40 WIHO design
Rue The Rabbit
250 SEK 225 SEK
POSTER 30x40 WIHO design
To The Moon
250 SEK
Stockholm Stroller Elodie Details
Golden Grey
2 699 SEK
Tipi Numero 74
Flower/Powder (Dusty Pink)
1 439 SEK